Students of refugee backgrounds have different educational starting points compared with other students. The effects of disrupted schooling, past traumatic events and current settlement challenges mean students often require additional support.

School’s In for Refugees is a Foundation House resource designed for busy school staff. We can assist your school to confidently support students’ engagement, wellbeing and achievement, and promote staff wellbeing too! Our professional learning content is easy to find and full of tips, links, resources, and good practice examples addressing primary and secondary school settings. 

We invite your school to create supportive policies, procedures and practices. Get started now!

We’ve been enrolling and welcoming more refugee students to our school ... School’s In for Refugees helped our staff to feel confident supporting refugee students and their families
The first time I came to Australia, I never made a friend, but I loved to talk to my teachers. They understand how hard it is for us when we are new to this country
School’s In for Refugees is fantastic … It helped us do something that will have a longer-term use and benefit