Kindergarten to School Video Series and Calendar

Foundation House worked in partnership with the Department of Education and Training to develop and distribute the following resources, for both families and professionals, to support the transition from kindergarten to school of children and families from refugee backgrounds:


  1. Kindergarten to School: A series of four videos that were scripted, translated, developed, filmed, and delivered in four languages with expertise from Community Liaison Workers (CLWs). Four languages were chosen based on community need: Arabic, Dinka, Hakha Chin and Karen. Topics responded to the communities’ frequently asked questions as identified by CLWs: Overview: Helping our children transition from kinder to school; Supporting my child over the holidays and getting ready for school; Preparing for the first day of school; Being partners with your school. A short message about Early Start Kindergarten was also included.
    To view all above five videos in your chosen language:


2. I am Starting School Calendar: (in Arabic, Hakha Chin, Karen, and English) for parents/carers to use with their children with a school readiness-related activity to complete each day in the four weeks leading up to the first day of school (eg. Put your drink bottle in your bag):