Cranbourne Secondary College: Interpreting change

Cranbourne Secondary College has many students of refugee backgrounds whose families are Dari speakers. In 2017 it ran a highly successful translated careers information night for Dari (and Punjabi)-speaking parents and carers. The night was one of a number of initiatives the school took regarding translation and interpreters following its involvement with the Refugee Education Support Program (RESP).

The school modified its student welcome booklet to make sure it was accessible for EAL students and started using interpreters at enrolment meetings and course counselling appointments. Office staff were made aware of the importance of using telephone interpreters and they now advise school leadership if they believe a family will need an interpreter for an enrolment meeting. The wellbeing team is also now consistently using telephone interpreters, especially for urgent matters.

Cranbourne Secondary College also employed two MEAs in the RESP period. One was a previous student of the school who brought a wealth of knowledge about how to best support students and families. The school also held its second annual Eid (end of Muslim Ramadan) event, and worked hard to raise its profile. The event was advertised via posters, TV screens in the reception area and an online portal. Parents and teachers were invited, and students organised a henna stall and were invited to wear traditional dress.