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19 Oct 2021
Online briefing for School Leaders: Supporting MEAs in Maintaining Boundaries

This briefing for school leaders provides information on school strategies that can assist MEAs to firm up the boundary around their work life, leading to increased wellbeing and sustainable careers for MEAs and improved outcomes for students. 

26 Oct 2021
Supporting Transitions from Early Years to School for Children and Families of Refugee Backgrounds

This professional learning workshop introduces how services can support families of refugee background in early years transitioning between services, especially from kindergarten to school and the Foundation House Trauma Recovery Framework.

09 Nov 2021
Partnering with Families

This workshop is designed to assist schools and individuals to understand the challenges families of refugee backgrounds may face in engaging with their child’s school and develop strategies to move towards working in partnership with these families.

18 Nov 2021
Practical Classroom Strategies

This half-day workshop is aimed at school staff working directly with students in the classroom, or in leadership roles, with an influence on teaching and learning in their schools.

23 Nov 2021
Talking about trauma A: supporting students and families from refugee backgrounds

This session provides MEAs and bicultural staff with ways to understand and respond when students and families share traumatic stories of their past.

07 Dec 2021
Talking about trauma B: self-care for MEAs and Bicultural staff

This session provides MEAs and bicultural staff with the skills to build self-awareness and protect their well-being when working with trauma, including managing professional boundaries and making referrals.