School’s in for Refugees – Short Course (Option 2: Semester Two)

This program builds participants’ skills and knowledge across three modules over 3-half days:

Day 1      The Refugee Experience
Day 2      Impact of Traumatic Events on Learning and Behaviour
Day 3      Classroom Strategies

It is designed for educators at all levels who wish to build their capacity to address the needs of children, young people and families of refugee backgrounds. This program is linked closely to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

The program:

  • Explores common elements of the refugee experience;
  • Examines global and local data relating to the Humanitarian Program and resettlement in Australia;
  • Uses both the Foundation House Trauma Recovery Framework and Three Lenses for Understanding Refugee Experiences tools;
  • Unpacks case studies with the opportunity for participants to discuss and respond to the material and consider how they might apply it in their school context;
  • Enables participants to reflect on their experiences with students of refugee background through a focus on the traumatic impacts of refugee experiences upon students’ engagement, learning and wellbeing;
  • Explores causes and manifestations of students’ trauma reactions related to their refugee experiences;
  • Supports participants to understand their role in relation to student disclosures of traumatic experiences and supporting students;
  • Reviews the likely impacts of refugee experiences on learning and understand the challenges students of refugee backgrounds may be facing in the classroom; and
  • Makes links with familiar DET frameworks and resources including the HITS and other useful practices to support student learning.

Suitable for:

Teachers, School Leaders and other interested school professionals.


Foundation House Education & Early Years Program is able to provide a professional development program to teachers and those working in and with schools through the support of the Department of Education and Training, therefore no charge to participants for this workshop.

Course details:

  • Tuesday 25th July 2023 – Module A ‘The Refugee Experience’
  • Tuesday 22nd August 2023 – Module B ‘Impact of Traumatic Events on Learning and Behaviour’
  • Tuesday 10th October 2023 – Module C ‘Classroom Strategies’
  • 9:30 AM – 1:00 PM AEDT
  • Short course consisting of three modules over 3-half days, online via Zoom
  • Presented by Allison Greene
  • This workshop is a FREE professional learning day presented by Foundation House
  • This workshop is running in Semester 1 and then again in Semester 2
  • Registrations essential